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Who is closa community for?

Closa is best fit for digital builders / creators. If you build or create something for internet closa is for you.

What is passion project?

A passion project means a project that makes you excited, that you do for exploration, that you have a genuine interest in, and satisfies your curiosity. Regardless if it makes you money or not.

What kind of projects I can work on at Closa?

If you build or create things that makes you excited you’re welcomed. Whether you build apps, SaaS, AI, digital products, contents, illustration, music album, newsletter, whatever. Our goal is to help you ship your idea from 0 to 1 and help you grow it to your 1000 true fans.

How Closa can fit my every day workflow?

Closa is flexible by default. You can share you daily progress as simple as tweeting on twitter & join daily coworking session at anytime when you need extra productivity boost & focused hours. It’s simple & adapt to your needs.

Are there any group projects?